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West Pack 2018 February 6~8 at Anaheim Convention Center - NEOSTARPACK BOOTH# 4804
WestPack connects you with serious packaging professionals for three days of design and manufacturing immersion.... Connect with over 20,000 engineers and executives.... This is your chance to find answers to your current packaging challenges ... from design to labeling....
Won Top Honor Award at the Competitive Packaging Solution Contest
Neostarpack has won the Top Honor Award at the Competitive Packaging Solution Contest.
PACK EXPO LAS VEGAS September 25~27, 2017 NEOSTARPACK - Booth S-6905
This event attracts more than 30,000+ attendees and 2,000+ exhibitors every year. You will reach new prospects and discover packaging trends. Our energetic sales team will answer all your inquiries. This time we have tabletop filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine and counting machine. We also will exhibit heavy duty labeling machi
Bring your capsule or tablet products for an onsite testing
Come and visit our booth S-6905 at PACK EXPO LAS VEGAS September 25~27, 2017 NEOSTARPACK - Booth S-6905 We will show you how quickly you can fill your bottles.
Packaging Machines: The Many Types Used in Popular Industries
Chuck capping products act like spindle cappers because they work with screwcaps. Chuck cappers commonly include a material chuck and a rubber place matched to the hat size. Once a bottle is in-place beneath the capping brain, the chuck descends to use reliable torque to each bottle and cover blend. Automated chuck cappers may include multiple chucks to increase the capping machine speed.
From High-Tech Taiwan Comes An App That Makes Babies (Forbes)
Aidmics, a 3-year-old company backed by National Taiwan University, has developed an app to go with its hardware that detects sperm density and activity levels to determine whether farm animals can reproduce.
How To Choose The Finest Packaging Machine Exporter
Spindle capping machines are likely the most used capping machine created for the packaging sector. These cappers employ sets of matched discs to spin limits along onto containers or other bins because they move across the capping region on a conveyor system.
Food labels play an important role. (Center for Science in the Public Interest)
Food labels play an important role in the battle against obesity and diet-related disease, which are responsible for hundreds of thousands of premature deaths in the United States each year.
4 Packaging Design Trends to Watch in 2016 (Brandfolder)
Every branding expert knows how important it is to create packaging designs that stand out on the shelf, establish customer loyalty and master brand storytelling. With this thought in mind, marketing and branding professionals are on an endless mission to wrap their products with packaging that is relevant, modern, and fresh.