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Standard and Customized: Capper, Coder, Conveyor, Counter, Crimper, Deduster, Filler, Full-scale Automatic Line, Fully Wrap-Around Labeler, Heat Shrink Tunnel, Label Applicator, Label Dispenser, Label Inspection Machine, Labeler, Midrange Automatic Line, Rising Machine, Round Bottle Labeler, Tabletop Automatic Line, Top-Bottom Labeler, Two-Sides Labeler, Turntable, and More.
Fully Automated Twelve Nozzle Filling+Capping+Labeling Line
FG-585S + CS-415S + NLD-400
This fully automated line is driven by dual high speed servo motor, equipped with PLC touch screen control and photoelectric eye that's made in Japan to guarantee smooth and safe operation. Heavy duty and rigid construction: made of stainless steel that conforms with pharmaceutical cGMP rules.
Six Nozzle Bottle Filling + ROPP Capping + Labeling Production LIne
NFL-465 + NCA-410 + NLR-300
This is a 6-nozzle filling line, followed by a ROPP cap-auto-feeding capper, and completed after a high precision labeler. It gives a good range of flexibility to handle bottles in various sizes.
Twelve Nozzle Piston Filling + Capping + Labeling Line
NFP-4125 + NCT-415 + NLD-3055
This line connects a 12-nozzle piston filler with an automatic cap feeding capper and a double-sided labeler. Its servo driven piston maximize filling accuracy. Its diving nozzle design fills foamy liquid.
Counting + Capping + Labeling Line for Irregular Shaped Small Objects
NTM-420 + NCA-410 + NLT-210
This line incorporates two dual-channel counters to count and fill irregular shaped objects. It offers a good range of different sized capping and labeling. It has a user friendly PLC touch-screen control.
Counting + Labeling Line for Capsules & Tablets
NTC-410 + NCW-310 + NLR-300
Its in-line conveying system comes with an automatic turntable, automatic bottle feeding, spacing, and positioning for high accuracy counting.Anti-dust mode to ensure counting accuracy.
Overflow Filling + ROPP Capping Production Line
NFL-465 + NCA-410
This is a Six-Nozzle Automatic Filling plus a Automatic ROPP-Cap-Capping system. It's highly efficient at filling foamy liquids at high speed. The excess liquid or foam will overflow back to the reservoir. And the anti-dripping tray keeps the machine clean.
Bottle Rinsing + Filling Line
NBW-565 + NFL-545 + NCW-310
An automatic line starts with a bottle rinser (by air/vacuum), follows by a multi-nozzle filler. The enhanced cleansing and filling functions can be integrated with your existing packaging machines such as capper or labeler to achieve a complete automation of operation.
Four Nozzle Filling + Capping + Labeling Line
NFL-445 + NCA-410 + NLR-300
A gear-pump multi-nozzle filling gives high accuracy and fast speed. It's built with a bottle index system to make precise filling position. Its capping system offers easy change of different sized caps. Capping speed is adjustable and so is the labeling height.
Counting + Capping + Labeling Line
NTC-410 + NCW-310 + NLR-300
This automation line does the counting, filling, and labeling for various sizes of products such as tablets, capsules, pills, sugar-coated pills and other similar small objects.The counter meets the high standards of pharmaceutical and food supplement industries. It offers automatic bottle feeding, spacing, and positioning for high accuracy counting. There's a built-in anti-dust mode to ensure counting accuracy and an error detecting system for fast troubleshooting.
Double Efficiency Counting Line
This automatic counting line is designed to count/fill regular counting materials at a high speed. It handles various sizes of tablets and capsules. It has a PLC user friendly control system with touch screen. It gives a hand-on quick learning experience and makes adjustments easily.