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Standard and Customized: Capper, Coder, Conveyor, Counter, Crimper, Deduster, Filler, Full-scale Automatic Line, Fully Wrap-Around Labeler, Heat Shrink Tunnel, Label Applicator, Label Dispenser, Label Inspection Machine, Labeler, Midrange Automatic Line, Rising Machine, Round Bottle Labeler, Tabletop Automatic Line, Top-Bottom Labeler, Two-Sides Labeler, Turntable, and More.
Counting + Capping + Labeling Line
NTC-410 + NCW-310 + NLR-300
This automation line does the counting, filling, and labeling for various sizes of products such as tablets, capsules, pills, sugar-coated pills and other similar small objects.The counter meets the high standards of pharmaceutical and food supplement industries. It offers automatic bottle feeding, spacing, and positioning for high accuracy counting. There's a built-in anti-dust mode to ensure counting accuracy and an error detecting system for fast troubleshooting.