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Standard and Customized: Capper, Coder, Conveyor, Counter, Crimper, Deduster, Filler, Full-scale Automatic Line, Fully Wrap-Around Labeler, Heat Shrink Tunnel, Label Applicator, Label Dispenser, Label Inspection Machine, Labeler, Midrange Automatic Line, Rising Machine, Round Bottle Labeler, Tabletop Automatic Line, Top-Bottom Labeler, Two-Sides Labeler, Turntable, and More.
Wide-range Top-down Screw Capping Machine
Its capping head is built to handle cap sizes from 22mm to 160mm in diameter. It's built with dual clipping conveyor belt to hold many different types of bottles in precise position to be capped. It has smart PLC system with high quality color touchscreen that makes it easy for setting and operating. Capping speed and timing is adjustable. The height of capping head can be adjusted by hand wheel to fit for various bottles and caps. Its detecting sensor will guard against missing caps automatically. It's made of quality stainless steel combined with strong structure design for its heavy usage, minimal maintenance and longevity.
ROPP Aluminum Caps Capping Machine
This automatic aluminum cap capper is exclusively designed to adopt single phase brushless motor that's concise and with great horsepower. It can handle caps in diameter from 22mm to 120mm. The bottom buffer maintains cap completeness. Capping speed can be flexibly adjusted based on various bottles sizes. Its unique position system prevents caps jam during operation. The precise counting system helps to control production process. It uses high quality top-chain conveyor system to stabilize the operation. Its advanced cap transporting system tremendously reduces noise during operation.
Side Screw Capping Machine
This user-friendly screw capper is built to handle cap sizes from 22mm to 60mm in diameter. Its capping height, torque, and speed are easily adjustable by hand wheel and speed knob. It will guide bottles and start capping right after caps placed by operator. Suits for all kinds of screw caps and pump dispenser. This model can be customized according to bottle size. Its bottle stopper system for precise positioning of any shape of bottle: round/oval shaped/ square. It's constructed with heavy duty top chain conveyor for stable conveying.
Pneumatic High Speed Top-down Capper
This fast speed capper is designed to screw-cap a majority of commonly used containers. It is compact in size and offers easy operation. It has high torsional force to secure the capping. It suits for all kinds of pump head with capping torque can be set easily. It's made of quality stainless steel with sturdy construction for heavy duty usage.
High Speed Pneumatic Vial Crimper
This crimper is for automatically crimping aluminum caps. Its special designed star-wheel can hold vials in precise position for capping. It's equipped with single phase brushless motor. Capping speed: 20 ~ 40 pcs/minute. We offer automatic cap feeding system as an optional device to achieve higher automation.