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Standard and Customized: Capper, Coder, Conveyor, Counter, Crimper, Deduster, Filler, Full-scale Automatic Line, Fully Wrap-Around Labeler, Heat Shrink Tunnel, Label Applicator, Label Dispenser, Label Inspection Machine, Labeler, Midrange Automatic Line, Rising Machine, Round Bottle Labeler, Tabletop Automatic Line, Top-Bottom Labeler, Two-Sides Labeler, Turntable, and More.
High Speed Front and Back Labeler
It is designed to label products that require labels on two sides such as file-folders, notebooks, flat boxes, SD Card, foil bags, credit cards, DVD boxes, cosmetic boxes, DDR boxes, round, oval or flat bottles. The built-in computer controls its operation and its sensor monitors the process to achieve precision. It can be used to label two sides simultaneously or simply one side at a time.