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Being part of the unstoppable force of automation, Bellspring Automation LLC (previously Bell & Spring Corporation) was established in 2004 in New Jersey. Starting 2022 we're honored to represent Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to promote their artificial intelligence (A.I.) driven systems and robots and lead a new generation of inventory and logistics automation for various industries.

Our focus is to build software and hardware as one system in order to minimize the problems and cost often associated with system integration. Autonomous flow of operation with minimal glitches and maintenance is our ultimate goal.

All divisions in our teams are equipped with design expertise to increase production output via automating the production process. We build equipment and systems to assume core operations for products that require a much higher daily output. Besides sophisticated mechanical motions, we focus on highly intelligent and user-friendly computerized processes.

We currently offer a five-year yearly maintenance/calibration program as an add-on to our standard one-year manufacturer warranty. Please contact our support team for more information.

We are in charge of distributing products and services in the Americas for the following manufacturers and directing the coalitions among them.

ITRI is a world-leading applied technology research institute with more than 6,000 outstanding staffs. Its mission is to drive industrial development, create economic value, and enhance social well-being through technology R&D. Founded in 1973, it pioneered in IC development and started to nurture new tech ventures and deliver its R&D results to industries. ITRI has set up and incubated companies such as TSMC, UMC, Taiwan Mask Corp., Epistar Corp., Mirle Automation Corp., and Taiwan Biomaterial Co. In April 2022, ITRI was named a Double Winner at Edison Awards 2022; other winners include 3M, Abbott, Dow, and IBM. It marks the sixth year that ITRI has won the honor, showing its creativity and consistency in innovating a better future.
Automated Storage & Retrieval System, Multi-level Scaffolding Three-dimensional High Rise Storage & Equipment, Automated Warehousing System for Semiconductor Industry, Semiconductor Micro & Router Drills, Measuring/Testing Equipment, Cleanroom, Laser Tracker, Laser Interferon Meter
Custom Bottle Packaging Machines & Lines, Cappers, Fillers, Labelers, Bottle Unscramblers
Heat Shrink Equipment & Supplies, Shrink Wrappers, Shrink Sleeving Machines, Heat Tunnels, Cartoning Machines
High Speed Bottle Water Production & Packaging Line, Drinking Water Production Plant
Contact Lenses Whole Factory Design & Build, Electric Layout Design & Build, Customized Robotic Assembly