Customized Lines

Different Combinations of Customized Bottle Rinsing, Filling, Counting, Capping, and Labeling Systems.

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Line of Filling Capping 100~150BPM

Model No.BN-F100BPM BN-C100BPM
A line of high speed filling and capping for filling volume from 120ml to 1200 ml. Speed 100 ~ 150 BPM
Torque various types and sizes of bottle caps.
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Space/Cost Saving Line of Rinsing, Filling, Capping, Labeling for Various Sized Bottles

A space saving and cost efficient automatic line. Feeding turntable with guiding rail helps moving bottles/jars onto conveyor ready for air rinsing, followed by precision filling. One extra nozzle is technically designed to make each bottle filled at the visually consistent level. Different sized starwheel (optional) helps fill and cap different sized bottles. The labeler can be set to apply one or two labels at once.
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Model No.BA500
A highly sophisticated design for super precision and consistent quality flow. It includes:
* Robotic Conveyor System
* Color Printing with Advanced Detection System
* UV / Thermo Curing Equipment
* Array De-Lensing in Dry & Wet Process
* AOI Inspection System
* Auto Visual Positioning Thermal System
and more.
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Line of Space Saving Filling, Cap-Feeding, Torquing, Labeling

Model No.SSBL2020 Space Saving Bottling Line
This is a fully automatic bottling line that includes filler, cap feeder, capper, and a labeler. It requires minimal space at a working site to cover a range of packaging functions. A color touchscreen control panel allows for easy settings and adjustments highly efficient.
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Double Inner Outer Capping System & Top Labeling

Model No.CP7100 CS7100 LT3000 LT3000
It's a system that efficiently handles the capping process of a packaging operation. Bottles are firmly held by custom molded starwheels ready for capping. Four cap-feeding devices automatically feed both the inner caps and outer caps to be ready for pressing down and screw tightening actions. Double conveyors move forward two lines of bottles from one station to the next.
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Bottle Rinsing with Feeding & Receiving Turntables

Model No.RT1000 BW5500 RT2000
A simple bottle rinsing line. Starting with an automatic bottle feeding turntable, it's built with multi nozzles to efficiently cleanse containers before filling. It can be adjusted to handle various bottle sizes. Its bottle inversion design completely removes dusts. It can be customized to cleanse bottles by water or by air.
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Line of One Filling Capping Sealing System for 3 Types Packaging

Model No.FS4000
This is a system that handles filling, capping, and sealing on one starwheel for three types of packaging. The stainless steel hopper holds skincare products which will be filled into airless bottles, glass bottles, and tubes. Extreme flexibility with precision is the focus of its design.
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Line of Oveflow Filling, Cap-Feeding, Capping, Labeling

Model No.FL4500 CS4000 LD3200 RT2000 one side double labels
It's a customized line for filling, capping, and labeling of industrial cleaning solution in 3-gallon containers. It starts from sorting & feeding multiple containers onto conveyor, then moving them to positions ready for filling. Besides the high filling speed, the overflow technique gives a visually consistent level of filling. Next is its capping system that begins with automatically feeding inner caps then inserting them securely. Such is followed by outer caps' feeding and screw-tightening. The final station is a labeling system that applies two labels, smoothly and precisely centered, onto the opposite sides of a container.
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Line of Multi-nozzle Gravity Filler and Spindle Capper

Model No.FF4350 CS3000
Gravity filler minimizes the contact between filled material and filling gears. It connects with a spindle capper to complete a basic automated bottling operation. The mechanism is safe and simple for filling food/drink products.
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Line of Counting, Cotton Inserting, Induction Sealing, Capping, Labeling System

Model No.TC4000 CI3000 CS3000 IS3000 LR3000 RT1060
A fully automatic line for packaging capsules/tablets into containers. It starts from feeding bottles on conveyor, counting pastilles, cotton inserting into bottles, capping, labeling, to well packaged products arriving at a collecting turntable. Automating the entire packaging operation with speed and precision.