A.I. Warehouse Management System


1. Challenges


Invalid vehicle arrangement
No shipment tracking


Slow picking process due to different sized packaging
Untraceable batch

Inventory Flow

Mishandling cargo
Untimely order management causes untallied inventory
Unpredictable safety stock


Poor space utilization
Items misplaced
Untimely order processing


Manual order entry
Untimely order processing

2. Systematic Solutions

3. Features

Web Page

Web UI can fit any browser without further installation.


Progress bar of all warehousing activities at the front page.


Customize settings based on your specify options.


Simple and intuitive use of the UI design for new employee orientation.


Cooperation with handheld operating system to assist your outbound logistics.


Keep Information flow promptly update to ensure the accuracy.

4. Mobile Updates & Control

  • Enhance your staff’s mobility and stay on top of warehousing activities info.
  • Read barcode with handheld devices directly to avoid duplication.
  • Digitized process to reduce manual error.
  • Through real-time storage and inventory management, we ensure the inventory tallied with the accounts so to improve the efficiency of warehousing and storage activities.

5. System Flow

6. Hierarchical Structure

7. Diagram

8. Efficacy