Induction Sealing

Model No.IS4000
Speed 30 ~ 120 BPM
Cap Type Non Metal
Cap Outside Diameter: 10 ~ 120mm
Power Supply 110VAC or 220VAC
Machine Size L1600 x W750 x H2160 mm
* Subj to Testing
** Subj to Product Types & Sizes
*** Customizable
+ Transparent Subj to Different Sensor Charge
++ Non Standard Sizes Subj to Additional Charge
+++ Subj to Extra Parts
Induction Sealer (High Capacity)

1.Works with metal-free bottles like glass, ASB, PE, PET, PP, PS, PVC, etc.
2.Suitable for screw caps, temper evident caps, clip-on caps, and more.
3.Seal with precision and efficiency.
4.User friendly control system gives easy setup and fast changeovers.
5.Water cooling system maintain steady temperature.
6.Provides smooth and continuous sealing.


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