Capping: HIgh Speed Press On (Torque Control Available)

Model No.CP5170 + High Speed & Safety Housing
Speed 80 ~ 120 CPM **
Cap Type Various ***
BOTTLE HEIGHT 90 ~ 150 psi
AIR COMPRESSOR 110VAC or 220VAC, Single Phase
POWER SUPPLY L3050 x W2875 x H2400 mm
MACHINE SIZE LxWxH 500 kg +++
* Subj to Testing
** Subj to Product Types & Sizes
*** Customizable
+ Transparent Subj to Different Sensor Charge
++ Non Standard Sizes Subj to Additional Charge
+++ Subj to Extra Parts
HIgh Speed Press On Capper w/ Torque Control

1. Rotary starwheel firmly holds and moves bottles.
2. Speed is adjustable.
3. Provide easy maneuver on the torque to keep consistency.
4. Buffering and safety devices prevent unwanted interruptions/accidents.
5. Solid stainless steel (SUS304) & polished aluminum alloy meet cGMP.
6. Flexible to be connected with a filler and a labeler.
7. Servo motor and user friendly HMI/PLC ensure easy maneuver. 

Optional Parts and Accessories

Cap Feeder
Different Conveyor Type and Width
Different Sized Capping Head
Different Sized Starwheel
PLC/HMI with Color Touchscreen
Safety Housing


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