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Posted Date: May 24,2021

WestPack 2021 August 10~12, 2021 at Anaheim Convention Center

Presenting information regarding ways to optimize the efficiency for your production operation as well as inventory management.
From Automated Storage Retrieval System for material(s), semi-processed products, and fully packaged products, to automatic packaging machines and custom lines in sizes of compact, moderate, and/or large scale. We welcome you to come and discuss with us about your ideas in person so we would directly answer your questions and recommend you the best route to reach your goals. Come and register your $ 2,500 credit if you decide to visit our factory site within 6 months.

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Posted Date: Mar 05,2020

Mark your calendar for visiting our booth #2403 (1st booth of 1st aisle on the right) at EastPack NYC June 9~11, 2020 at Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York City, NY 10001

We present a variety of automation products and services for packaging industry. Welcome to meet with us in person so we can answer your questions and provide you the most efficient means to your goals. Come and register your $ 2,500 credit if you decide to visit our factory sites within 6 months.

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Posted Date: Feb 05,2019

Welcome to visit our booth #5566 at WESTPACK Anaheim, February 5 ~ 7, 2019

Line of Capsule/Tablet Counter, Cappers, Fillers, Labelers, plus more... will be operating in front of your eyes. Come and talk to us in person so we can answer your questions and/or provide you with the right solution to your project(s). You may bring product samples for testing right there.

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Posted Date: Nov 16,2018

2018 Taiwan Int’l Food Industry Show (2018/11/16-19)

The annual Taiwan Int’l Food Industry Show is coming. I believe that everyone can’t wait to see the stunning packaging machines. This time, Neostarpack is going to show you our tabletop compact filling capping machine, semi-auto filling machine, capper, labeler and bottle air-washing machine. You can see kinds of packaging machine for food industry. Any need or requirement for your product packaging, just come find us. We are ready and will be at your service by any time.

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Posted Date: Oct 02,2018

2018 Tokyo Pack (OCTOBER 2-5, 2018)

Neostarpack sincerely invite you to come with us to join one of the largest exhibitions of packaging technology in Asia. Tokyo Pack draws all the attention from packing industries, can’t wait to be eye-opener. That’s the reason why we will be there. You are going to find it marvelous in packaging. We are going to show you our compact filling capping labeling production line, the semi-auto production line and our tabletop counting and labeling machines. We’ll provide you the whole packaging solution from filling, capping, counting to labeling. Come find us. We will be staying at the stand 5-T19 by anytime.

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Posted Date: Sep 28,2018


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Posted Date: Mar 08,2018

2018 Taipei International Bakery Show(March 15-18,2018)

Neostarpack is going to 2018 Taipei International Bakery Show you the double-head filling machine, automatic capping machine and semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine which are suitable for sticky and thick liquid,something like honey, cream and fruit jam etc. If you have any needs for the stuffing or labeling, we can help you! Most importantly, we can provide you the whole bottling and packaging solution.Welcome to Neostarpack stand, we will stay at the J530 by any time.

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Posted Date: Jan 18,2018

WestPack 2018(February 6-8, 2018)

WEST PACK 2018 - Booth 4804 February 6-8, Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim, CA Come and see our capsule tablet counter, capper, tabletop filling & capping machine, filler and labeler in operation. You may bring product samples for testing.

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Posted Date: Nov 03,2017

Allpack Indonesia (2017/11/1~11/04)

Neostarpack invites you to join us at Allpack Indonisia 2017/11/1-4 We are going to exhibit in Allpack Indonesia 2017 from November 1-4 this year. In the exhibition, one of our best seller from last 10 months which is tabletop filling machine FG1050 will be displayed. This gear pump liquid filling machine is designed for small to medium business. With panel, it will be more convenient to operate. Most of parameters such as filling volume, filling speed, time gap between filling etc may control by the panel. From manual mode to automatic mode, you just need to turn a single knob, and put filling nozzle in the bracket. Tabletop gear pump liquid filler FG1050 is space-saving and handy. Send us an inquiry now!JIExpo – Kemayoran, Jakarta Date: 01 – 04 November 2017 (4 Days Exhibition)

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Posted Date: Sep 25,2017

Pack Expo Las Vegas 2017 (SEPTEMBER 25-27, 2017)

Pack Expo is a packaging machinery exhibition at Las Vegas Convention Center in North America. We,neostarpack, attend it every year. Come and join us!This event attracts more than 30,000+ attendees and 2,000+ exhibitors every year. You will reach new prospects and discover packaging trends. Our energetic sales team will answer all your inquiries. This time we have tabletop filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine and counting machine. We also will exhibit heavy duty labeling machine and pills/tablets counting production line. Have a look if you are looking for 10-100BPM bottling solutions!Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada USA Date: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, daily, September 25—27, 2017 Booth: S-6905