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Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)    

Our AGV, in-house designed and built, is a mobile robot programmed to be automatically guided by our patented Ceiling Position Navigation System (CPNS).

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Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)    

Our Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) use cameras and sensors with an A.I. based machine vision guiding apparatus to autonomously navigate through unorganized environments and complete a variety of tasks.

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Battery Management System    

Our system aims to enhance the efficiency and lifespan of batteries.

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Ceiling Position Navigation System (CPNS)    

Our CPNS minimizes signal distractions and maximizes AGV navigation precision.

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Cloud Based Digital-Twin Surveillance System    

Our cloud based Digital-Twin Surveillance System offers real-time updates digitally and visually.

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Cold Chain Tracking System    

Our system monitors the temperature of refrigerated products and sends instant messages during transit.

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Cold Storage Single Access System    

For storing refrigerated items, our single access system allows for the quick flow of inventory under strict temperature control.

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Cross Belt Sorting System (Vertical)    

Our ergonomically efficient sorting system increases the sorting speed from 3600 pieces/hour to 12,000 pieces/hour, thus reducing the demand for labor by 65%.

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Digital Storage Tracking    

We design this tracking system to provide instant visualization of item positioning in a warehouse.

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Dual Arm Robotic System

Two robotic arms that work in tandem to perform a designated function.