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Digital Storage Tracking    

We design this tracking system to provide instant visual layout and position of an item stored in a warehouse.

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Dual Arm Robotic System

Two robotic arms that work in tandem to perform a designated function.

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Energy Management System    

We created this system to constantly evaluate the power and cost of various energy sources to dynamically achieve highest efficiency.

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Enhanced Storage Tiering    

Multiple compartments in various sizes are layered vertically and horizontally to maximize storage space utilization.

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High Density & Speed Shuttle Rack System (SRS)

We combined technology involving human-robot collaboration, updated AGVs, and dyanmic A.I. decision making to maximize storage density and the speed of inventory flow.

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High Rise Warehouses    

We designed and built a 141-foot-tall warehouse in 2021 serviced by our battery operated rack traversing robots, RTRs.

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High Speed Size & Weight Scanning System    

We designed and built industry-leading scanning systems to help sort various items at large volumes and high speds.

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Infrared Retroreflective Navigation    

Utilizing infrared retro-reflective technology, we upgraded our navigation system to achieve higher precision and speed.

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Intelligent Autonomous Mobile Robot Transport System

A.I. based AMRs transport parts and components between different operational stations.

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Intelligent Inventory Managing System

An A.I. based system autonomously manages inventory flow during the manufacturing process.