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Intelligent Measuring    

We use A.I. based technology to scan and measure the dimensions and weight of various fast-moving items on a conveyor belt.

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Intelligent Metal Cutting System

Precision metal cutting entirely controlled autonomously by an A.I system.

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Intelligent Picking    

A.I. based technique enabling robotic arms to pick and choose items, scan and measure dimensions, and weigh various fast-moving items on a conveyor belt.

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Intelligent Robotic Grinding System

An A.I. based system executes precise metal grinding.

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Intelligent Route(s) Generation    

We use A.I. based programming to generate the most efficient routing guidance.

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Intelligent Routing (i-Routing)

This is an A.I. based routing system that detects, informs, and guides transportation mediums to achieve the best combination of time and cost.

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Intelligent Sorting    

An intelligent system that combines high speed scanning, measuring, shelving, and distribution to sort through a large quantity of items.

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Intelligent Stacking System    

This uses A.I. to to stack unsorted and size-varying items via shape and size analysis.

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Laser Guided Dimension Checking System

Extremely precise dimensional measurement using advanced laser sensors to minimize error.

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Logistics Assistant & Sharing Platform    

A mobile friendly app that detects, informs, and guides logistics decision making in real-time.