CAM Programming

Our goals:

(A) Computer Numertical Control (CNC) Milling

Expeditiously screen through the
material nature and component
sizes before selecting applicable
machines and tools for production.

Systemize the utilization of
applicable tools and cutting

Automatically export programs
for machining and electrical
work orders

(B) Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

Fast electrode design

Automatic analysis  and computing of
discharge contact surface and projection

Train design engineer to input electrode
parameters such as discharge type,
movement type, electrode material,
rough/smooth electrode quantity,
electrode gap

Systematically produce electrode
discharge condition parameters to
complete EDM process

Automated export of electrode machining
work orders

(C) Wire electrode discharge machining(WEDM)

System will locate wire discharging
path based on processing planning

Sort hole into groups to their different
tolerance coding.

Automatic setup of wire diameter and
threading hole

Automated selection of process
parameters according to required
levels of accuracy and hole position

Automatically produce electrode
discharge condition parameters
and wire electrical discharge
machining (WEDM) process programs

Automated export of work order