Solar Tree Park

A green energy technology demonstration site stands to promote the final industrialization phase and provides a shopping window for products of technology.

The energy generated supports offices with commercial services, high load capacity floors, 20 feet (6 meters) tall ceilings, roof top photovoltaic (PV) zone for long term experimentation, hundreds of indoor vehicles parking space, charging stations, and a comprehensive energy management center.

This center serves as a technology demonstration and education site with spaces including exhibition halls, training classrooms, and conference rooms. The result is a human oriented approach to space sharing.

The design and placement of buildings significantly reduces the noise from nearby highways and railways.

Its high-power solar system reduces grid reliance. Adjustable angles verify power generation of the system and optimize output.

Its landscapes utilize slope solar power to further improve output.

The 62 feet tall (19 meters) Solar Tree generates power out of a variety of sun angles and doubles as an architecture landmark. The tree canopy consists of 156 solar panels. Power is stored in the tree root system during daytime and a light show runs at night.

The high-valued green product batch production trial platform is provided by Integrative Verification Platform.

From leading an environmental-friendly design to serving as industrial, academic, and research cluster. This technology demonstration site promotes sustainable commercial development.