One Year Manufacturer Warranty & Life-time Technical Support

     At our factory, our engineering teams design and construct a variety of packaging machines including filler, cap-feeder, capper, labeler, induction sealer, heat-shrink-tunnel, bottle rinsing machine, coder, top/bottom/side labelers, and more.

     We use fine-tuned moldings, quality sensors, and quality components and parts to build machines that guarantee their precision and longevity – parts and accessories are made of pure stainless steel, all moldings genuinely made in Taiwan, and all sensors made in Japan. 

     We keep some standardized machine units in stock here and offer 24/7 customer service via emails or phone.

     We send our own technicians to install, tune up, and maintain our machines and machinery lines several times a year to cover the North America region.

     We, as a team, make customized automation that enhances and expedites your unique operation and guarantee your satisfaction for our products for one year and offer free technical support over their lifespan.